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Just 12 yrs ago I was giving birth to you. Today you made the decision to get your ears pierced. Where did the time go??!!! #nomorebaby Happy 12th Birthday to my favorite son @_prince_shabba Love you more than life

In 2007 I made the choice to return back to natural. It’s one the best decisions I’ve made in my life. I am so comfortable in my skin and so proud of my curls. I know my hair and I know how to manage it. I feel sorry for any woman who isn’t familiar with who she is as God made her. I’m not against relaxers and I’m not saying I’ll never get one again, but there’s nothing more freeing than looking in the mirror at yourself in the purest form and loving what you see. #myblackisbeautiful #naturalhair #taperedtwa #curls #4chair #septumpiercing #selfie

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